Skills & Abilities
  Working constantly under tight deadlines I am able
  to keep track of the style and requierements of any
  client project. With a strong team-ability and highly
  comunicative skills in negotiating between different
  departments of any production-pipeline,
  I've developed the following skills and abilities:

3D Art
  - High & Low Polygon modelling (characters, sculptures,
     hardware of any kind) for various production pipelines
  - 3D Design of any kind (visualisation, product brands, a.s.o.)
  - 3D Sketching & Creature Design
  - Complex light setups, shading & rendering

  2D Art
  - Texturing for High & Low Polygon models (including
     color maps, specular maps, bump maps, normal maps,
  - Sketching, Painting & Concepting
  - Storyboarding (both animatics, animated storyboards &
     handpainted storyboards)
  - Matte Painting (both stylistic and photoreal plates)
  - CoverDesigns of any kind

  Visual Effects, Compositing &
  - Compositing of complex Scenes with a vast number of layers
  - 3D tracking of real shooted footage; integration of 3D elements
  - Natural Effects like Water, Smoke and secondary animation
     for compositing and postproduction purposes
  - Blue & Green-Screen Supervising (on-set)
  - Keying & finishing scenes of any kind
  - Motion Graphics of any kind
  - Film & Video-Editing
  - DVD Authoring


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